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Why do black me want to know this?


To hear those words…you feel that if says that you are cool and easy going, but the truth is…


This past weekend, during the later hours of this party when the drink was flowing and emotions were looser, the topic of body hair came up. IT seems that the younger ladies groom more, where as the older generation down right frown on it.

I enjoy woman with little hair from the neck down. Ok, they may have a stalin beard but if they groom i’ll never see it


Naked in Traffic?

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I’m laying in bed with a beautiful woman, the rain falls quietly outside, and pillow talk ensues.  The early stages of wonderment is in the air. We made love well together could there more to this…? She likes Thai as do I, she likes French films, and I like Caddyshack and on it goes. Will this window of bliss last? Can you bottle these sensations and open it on demand? I wish. It’s during those discovery moments when each person is truly interested in one another, unjaded by time or distracted by blackberry or ipod, that a relationship is at it’s height, it’s zenith, where the axis of lust and love cross paths.

Our chat turns to professions. Ringlets of hair turns to me and mentions a term “naked in traffic” describing the mental state of a patient she had seen. Naked in traffic? Wow what cool name for a band..always seeking the irreverent. She laughs and quietly describes the diagnosis found in the DSM as a state of manic. What i heard was a perfect description for my emotional life amongst the opposite sex. Feeling naked and exposed crossing the life’s 10 lane highway, clutching a leaf and running with two left feet, I feverishly dodge traffic.

Hazel eyes continued to describe this mental state, a short movie played in my relationship stymied head of all the entrances and exits of  the many woman in my life. My only practical relationship training came from Disney movies. You know the theme– Brave Knight slays dragon, rescues Beautiful Damsel and live happily ever after and in that order… or so the indelible illusion seemed.

No one ever explained what happened after the story ended. When Charming left the toilet seat up, or forgot to pickup dinner, or stayed out late with the other Charmings and didn’t call, etc. I can’t watch a Miss Something contest without thinking that someday this beautiful woman will be yelling at some Schmuck over some mind-numbing mundane shit.

Relationship-wise i was ignorant, ill-informed and like most people learning/ stumbling as i went…i felt emotionally… Naked in Traffic.

NiT, will examine the beautiful-ugly of people and relationships, from catching the eye of someone sexy to the reddened eyes of the breakup and topics in between. I have many questions to unravel and i fear i will be greeted by more head-scratching questions.

As a single man looking for answers, i hope you enjoy my humorous journey of awareness, discovery and clarification. Maybe in the process I learn something about myself.

With a thud or eventual fanfare Naked in Traffic is born.